Hammerhead Controls® is the name of a new type of electronic controls (Throttle and gear controls), which enable the driver to drive power boats with both hands on the steering wheel.


  • Because of better controls, reactions and handling, hammerhead controls® allow one to go faster and safer. It becomes easy to immediately reduce RPM during jumps, and also to accelerate just after. (Works perfectly with the Verado Mercury ®)
  • Allows a better body balance in difficult seas. Especially for boats with a leaning post.
  • Allows one to drive with only one hand, valuable for handicapped persons.
  • Looks more sporty, reminiscent of the gear-changing systems on a modern sports cars.
  • Can be adapted for all power boats, new, or second hand. Space under the wheel is usually unused.
  • Does not need specialized driving skills.
  • Of course, these controls conform to ABYC and international standards.
  • An advance in control design (old designs of controls haven’t changed for more than 40 years even with modern electronics)
  • Moderate production cost.